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“Its been a great experience knowing Nurleli. Working closely with her over these past several months have reconfirmed in my mind the fantastic traits that are personified by . Working closely with her over these as a Professional Executive Coach. She comes across as being patient, thought provoking, constantly pushing boundaries but importantly, as being sensitive and empathetic. Her approach to coaching is holistic in nature covering not only the big picture perspectives but also the details that she consciously gets you to latch on to during the sessions with her. At the end of the session with Nurleli, you come away energized and ready to take on the world. A great coach with tremendous insights that Lely brings to the table.”
Taranjeet Singh,
CMC. CEO quantumsteppe advisory group Kuala Lumpur
In my 20 years as an ICF Master Coach, I have had the privilege of many leaders to become global coaches from many parts of the world. There are some among them who somehow shine out from others in their outlook, qualities , skills and potential. One of them is Nurleli who authentically live out the ‘coach’ in her. And for this reason, we have taken this relationship of ours beyond the classroom to partnering together to bring the goodness of Coaching to the world. I truly treasure this immensely and wishing her all the success in all her endeavours"
Michael Heah
MCC, Chairman Corporate Coach Academy KL
"Nurleli is one of the strongest consultant partner in our works in Indonesia. Her practical strategic approach along with strong field experience would have given the client the great result from the quick win as well as in the long run"
Arvind Singh,
CMC. CEO quantumsteppe advisory group Kuala Lumpur
“I am so grateful to be coached by Nurleli. Her knowledge, humility, and pure intention to support me as her client helped me reach my goal. Nurlely is a coach who asks you powerful questions; she makes you reflect, and she challenges you to step out of your comfort zone. Nurleli has a natural gift to connect with people, and her warm, caring personality makes you feel in safe hands throughout the coaching process. I highly recommend Nurleli as a coach and can’t thank her enough for her coaching sessions”.
Eila Motson,
Mimir Consultancy, UK
I have long experience with Nurleli's consulting works, and also coaching in more recent times. She is highly strategic yet very practical in her approaches which have given significant results in both quick win and long term performance. Her passion about people and  striving for quality showed in her ability to positively engage to inspire and encourage people in all different levels in organization,  have tremendously helped maintain the water calm during the time of changes. This same passion takes her as a coach that naturally has great connection with clients, makes them feel secure and cared for and at the same time courageously challenges them to move forward and achieve their goals
I have known Nurleli Susetiyo since 2004. Nurleli’s professional background that is diverse and extensive; with the enviable ability to pass it on makes her an excellent partner to help achieve optimum result. Her international network and globetrotting experience has provided her with a wide perspective on different kinds of practice. Nurleli has a genuine interest for people, other countries, cultures, and working methods as well as leadership styles that make her easy to communicate with, open and positive, tolerant and joyful. With persistent curiousty to learn and to apply the new knowledge, all in all Nurleli's personal qualities makes her an excellent mentor, coach and a partner in various contexts. I would like to warmly recommend her for demanding assignments as a coach and advisor in leadership development.
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