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Q: I have been reading your articles for some years now and I often marvel at the perspective you take on the issues to resolve them. Many of us operate with a conventional mindset, taking the bull by its horns, so to speak. I remember in one of the cases, there was a person who spoke of how lucky other people are compared to him. You in turn asked him how he could increase his luck through his actions!

I like your explanation because you make the person take accountability of his life rather than just complaining about it helplessly.

The point I am trying to make is, it will be difficult for non-coaches like us to do what you do because we do not have such ‘gifts’. Is it possible for us to become good in coaching or is it a skill good for certain people only? What are some coaching tips you can give us?

A: Coaching is a living skill and is not rocket science. Hence, it is really for everyone. With such skills, we can help people in an organised and effective manner, even helping themselves to become more fulfilled and make the world a much happier place.

To become a coach, you need to be positive and forward-looking for a start. Inculcate good values, especially those that are inclined towards helping people, like engaging with them, supporting their growth, partnering them to resolve the problems in their life, etc. With these qualities, you will gain the gifts to identify the good things that are embedded in people and help discover themselves. Doing this will also help people gain insights and motivations that will propel them forward.


  • Who are the people in your life who expect you to be a leader?
  • How effective are you now in meeting their expectations?
  • What is still missing in you?
  • Which parts of your personality need reinforcement to gain greater personal powers to persuade and inspire?


Q: I am now deciding whether I should take up Psychotherapy or Coaching as a long- term career. At this point, I find it difficult to decide because my friends told me that both disciplines are almost the same as they are about helping people solve their problems. Are they correct? What is your advice?

A: Although both may appear to be the same, there are differences in a few key areas. In many cases, Psychotherapy caters to a small group with certain psychological illnesses. Coaching on the other hand, applies to a larger group of people affected by a wider range of life issues, such as wanting to achieve better goals, building better relationships, achieving business profitability and a happier life, etc. Unlike many, Coaching leverages on many other disciplines such as psychology, sociology, critical thinking, strategic planning, performance management and so forth.

To know whether Coaching is your best fit, ask yourself how much do you enjoy being with people, or more specifically, helping people to grow in their lives. Coaching is also for those who are positive, who have the solutions and do not necessarily require others to give it to them on a platter.


  • Do you prefer working with people in a collaborative manner?
  • Do you prefer to be a facilitator or an expert to them?
  • Do you prefer the medical aspect of helping people or the psychological and emotional aspects of it?
  • Who can help you get the right answers to what you want to do?

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