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Retiring Executives Make Good Executive Coaches

There is a saying “the older the wine, the better it is” which aptly applies to coaches who have retired or are about to. Their wealth of experience and exposure give them a definitive advantage that no amount of money or education can buy.  So instead of retreating into the backwaters of their lives, this is the time to live their best years by contributing to people’s growth.

Many clients yearn for such invaluable support from these highly experienced people because of their solid wisdom, which could be shared.  Retiring professionals are very solid people as they have gone through countless success, and the many trials and tribulations that qualify them to become the best coaches they can ever be.  Both corporations and industries have a real need for such people. 

Retiring professionals from any field or industry would have much wisdom and experiences by the time they leave their organisations. Their support is definitely a sure way to accelerate the transition of younger leaders to become great leaders like what they were before. 

Here’s why they make powerful executive or leadership coaches.

One, they are coach partners rather than experts who provide executive coaching to young leaders in a collaborative rather than the one-sided way of telling them what they need do.  This helps them to internalise their learning in a more sustainable way.  Using this model of collaboration also makes them more accepting as they work alongside them rather than from a top-down way.

Two, they can build these leaders more holistically, both on the intrinsic and extrinsic aspect.  What this means is they build their knowledge and skills, while at the same time strengthen their self-generative skills, such as courage, confidence and even patience and calmness. 

Three, coaches are a rare and unique breed unlike consultants and trainers who are plentiful. Hence, they stand out tall among them as they do not come into their roles as “product experts” but instead as “process experts” who facilitates to stretch people’s minds using deep listening and powerful questioning to broaden their perspective and to raise their self-awareness to make break-through self-discoveries.  Hence, this prevents getting into conflicts with clients on matters relating to whose knowledge is more correct, superior, better or updated as the domain for collaboration is to act as a “person outside looking in” for them.

And lastly, being usually older they earn their clients’ respect more easily; what more when they do not resort to giving fatherly advice but instead listen to them deeply and empathetically that win them over for a meaningful relationship to be forged.

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