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Dreams Can Come True


Q: I know of some people whose dreams have come true. Yet there are others like me, who dream and dream, but nothing comes true. So how do these people succeed and why do people like me cannot make the grade?

A: The difference lies in whether the person is visionary or simply a dreamer. If you are visionary, your dreams will come true because you make your dreams a reality through your own efforts. Dreamers are lazy and laid-back people who only dream (and even pray) for luck and divine intervention, etc. to help them, and usually end up with nothing.

Take these steps to put life into your dreams. First, turn it into a vision of something you really want to achieve. Then put finer details into it. For instance, if it is a car you want to buy, then it is not only a car but a red metallic, brand-new Jaguar you want. Now, visualise the built-in entertainment features you want inside; dream about how you are going to get it; how to finance it; sell the old one; delivery date; parking space; and etc.

Think about all these relentlessly and continue to build on your dream to make it more ‘complete’.  Then do daily things that will move you closer to it. It can be saving some money every month, or getting a test drive. I assure you that your dream will come true!


  • What is it that you really want to have?
  • Why do you want this? How can you describe it? What are the details?
  • What are your dream plans in getting it?
  • What are your daily actions to get closer to it?


Q: I am 27 years old but feel 72. This drastic self-labelling is because of my current work and financial burdens. I feel a person of my age should not be in such circumstances. I have to work long hours, shoulder heavy responsibilities, pay for house mortgages, car instalments, lifestyle expenses and many other burdens. Although I am one of the youngest CEOs in the marketplace who is the envy of many people, I do not feel proud of it as it comes with so many challenges. If I could live my life again, this will be the last thing I want. A simpler life will be much better. What do you think of my situation? How can I make a U-turn in my life now?

A: In my view, you are an ambitious person who wants things in a hurry, to show the world how well you have succeeded. I am glad you now realise that it does not always pay when you rush things a little too fast for yourself. Indeed, growing up too fast and taking on too many commitments early in your life takes away the joy of living. At the end of one’s life, it is not about celebrating how much you have made (or left behind), how many gated communities you have lived in or how many cars you have driven. Ultimately, it is happiness that rules at the end of one’s life!

There is no need to make quick drastic changes to your life until you have done a thorough assessment of what matters most to you. The key thing is to be modestly ambitious and yet be realistic about your means and resources. If your career is important (and rightfully so too), then go for it, but define your limits on what you are prepared to do for it. Also, look at the other aspects of your life as well.  For example, does your personal development and community service matter to you? If yes, change a part of your lifestyle to accommodate this. After doing this, ask yourself whether your current financial obligations can fit into your life now. If yes, go ahead with whatever you are doing. But if not, then rationalise this, by paying attention to other more critical ones. Just do what is needed to put order in your life again.


  • At this point in your life, which aspects of it do you want fulfilled?
  • What are you prepared to do to attain this?
  • What are you prepared to give up for this?
  • What means do you have to make this happen?

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