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What are a Team Leader’s Responsibilities?

Tanggung jawab merupakan suatu hal yang penting bagi kehidupan setiap individu.
Tidak hanya berlaku bagi kalangan usia tertentu, melainkan berlaku untuk setiap
individu dalam menjalani kehidupan sehari-harinya.

Contoh yang dapat kita lihat secara jelas tentang poin tanggung jawab ini adalah pada
sosok seorang pemimpin. Pemimpin ibarat seorang pengendali yang mengatur jalannya
sebuah struktur dalam perusahaan. Jika dalam sebuah perusahaan tidak memiliki
seorang pemimpin yang bertanggung jawab, maka struktur dan sistem yang ada dalam
perusahaan tersebut tidak akan selaras dengan visi dan misi yang ada.

Seorang pemimpin memiliki peranan penting dalam mencapai tujuan sesuai dengan visi
misi yang dimiliki perusahaan. Oleh karena itu, pemimpin harus memperhatikan
kekuatan, kelemahan, dan tujuan dari setiap anggotanya. Bukan hanya memberikan
tugas dan memantau tugas setiap anggota saja. Tugas dari seorang pemimpin itu
sendiri adalah bertanggung jawab pada keberhasilan seluruh tim maupun setiap
anggotanya, supaya dapat mencapai tujuan yang sama.

Mike Cardus & Company juga membahas topik mengenai poin-poin apa saja yang
merupakan tanggung jawab dari seorang pemimpin, yang dijelaskan dalam sebuah
artikel yang berjudul “Team Leaders Responsibility in Team Building”. Selamat
membaca para Mitra QR! Semoga bermanfaat.

What is the team leader’s responsibility in team building?
The first responsibility of the team leader is to define the team’s objective; why is this
team together. When the purpose is unclear, unknowable, or complex, framing the
boundaries and defining that this team will work to make progress or identify clues that
may work to achieve a shared outcome is still setting the teams’ objective.
Once the team understands and accepts the objective, each person will develop trust
within the team and team members by knowing the skilled knowledge and role that each
team member will occupy.  This should be worked out jointly between the leader and
the individual concerned.

Team Leader functions in teambuilding
Effective leaders in team building need to provide the functions of:

Boundary setting / Planning

  1. Seeking all available and relevant information
  2. Defining the task, purpose, or goal
  3. Devising a realistic framework for achieving the desired outcome


  1. Openly briefing the team on the aims and the plan of action
  2. Explaining why the task is necessary and the reasoning behind the plan
  3. Allocating tasks to team members
  4. Setting group standards


  1. Maintaining the group standards as previously set
  2. Keeping a watch on timing and progress
  3. Ensuring all actions are moving towards desired results
  4. Keeping discussions relevant and on-track
  5. Keeping the group moving and active

Coaching and Supporting

  1. Expressing recognition of individuals contributions
  2. Encouraging the whole group as well as to individuals
  3. Dealing with team / individual dysfunction where necessary and appropriate
  4. Create a team spirit and boosting morale
  5. Watching and dispersing tension between team members
  6. Reconciling disagreements and controlling the exploration of disagreements


  1. Clarifying the task and the plan as the project makes progress
  2. Sharing new information with the team and keeping them informed of
  3. Listening to the group and receiving feedback from them
  4. Discussing ideas and suggestions within the group


  1. Checking the feasibility of ideas
  2. Testing the consequences of new ideas and proposed solutions
  3. Evaluating group performance and giving feedback
  4. Working with the group to evaluate themselves against the standards set

Not all these functions will be necessary all the time, and together they will allow the
team leader to:
– Achieve the task
– Build & maintain the team
– Develop the individual

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