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Is Given A Coach A Reward Or A Punishment?

The ironical thing about Coaching is, while it continues to scale new heights, there are still many people who are not very ‘receptive’ when they are given a coach or hear of someone has a coach.  A common response is, “What is wrong with me or what’s wrong with them?” 

I am devoting this article to put Coaching in the right light as a powerful high performance tool so that it will further expand more seamlessly.

Current Scenario

Many individuals and organisations are actively seeking the services of coaches either for themselves or for their leaders. This is usually because they find that other intervention methods are not achieving the results as fast as what they want. The irony of this fact is, quite a number of those who are given coaches take offense of it as they perceive this as a form of punishment, etc.  

The coach assigned to them could also be wrongly suspected by them to be a “company agent” who is out there to achieve the company’s agenda and to report back on what goes on in the coaching conversation. Seen in this light, this partnership gets on a wrong start and is destined to fail.

Due to this, they either resist this support or try to persuade their sponsors not to consider them for coaching! With such an outlook, it becomes difficult for them to fully benefit from the full effects of coaching. 

The Causes  

One reason is because many people associate or wrongly think that Coaching with Counselling are the same or somewhat interchangeable! Also, there are counsellors who also regard themselves as coaches!

The other one is due to the insufficient education and awareness of what Coaching really is. This inevitably leads to different interpretations of its true meaning.

Another one is because people often think that any intervention that has to do with problem-solving are in the same category. Coaching therefore becomes a ‘victim’ of this! 

The True Definition of Coaching  

In its purest sense, Coaching is lesser about solving problems but more about helping people to attain their goals in a faster way.  Due to this, Coaching is most sought after by forward-looking people who want to take their life to the next level or to reach their fullest potential. Coaching clients are not “problematic” people but are actually confident people who are searching for the right paths that can take them to their goals.

Privileged People Get Coaches

Given a coach to work with implies having a “personal tutor” of sort who is fully devoted to the person’s needs. This is so different from someone who is being bundled into a group (or a big classroom) with many other people and is denied of personal attention.

It is similar to sending your children to a private school (with a smaller class) as opposed to a government school (with a much larger class). So is this not a privilege to have a coach?

The biggest advantage of getting close and focused attention is getting a much higher chance of success due to a deeper and more powerful relationship between the two persons. 

Having a personal coach also mean flexibility for they can play many roles that is needed for the person: whether it is a friend, soul mate, cheerleader, confidante, or critic that is needed most. 

Some Advice

Firstly, accept the coach readily and positively and consider yourself a privileged person. Ask yourself: How many people do I know have a personal coach to themselves?

Secondly, when working with a personal coach, be truthful to them on what you want to work on and be open to share your deep-seated issues with them so that the right work can be done to get to the bottom of what is really stopping you from getting to their goals.  

Thirdly, be committed to work hard so that you stay focused on your goals.  Take on the challenges that the coach will throw on you so that you learn to get out of your comfort zone in the way you think and behave.  

Fourthly, be disciplined to attend all the coaching sessions that have been set and not to allow too long a gap in between sessions lest you lose the momentum of your progress.

Finally, always remember when working with a coach, your chances of success increase many folds and you are on the way to gain greater success and fulfillment in your life!

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